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Offensive Security

Actively detect unknown threats and proactively prevent them through offensive security research.


What We Do

78ResearchLab, which consists of the best offensive security researchers, provides cyber security assessment services to companies and institutions, and provides comprehensive IT security services such as pen-testing and training.

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Major OS/SW Vulnerability ResearchWe conduct security vulnerability research on Windows, Linux, and Android/iOS itself, which we use every day, and major SWs that operate on them.

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Smart Car/IoT Devices Vulnerability ResearchWe perform security assessment from various modules such as infotainment/telematics used in smart cars to IoT devices such as routers/smart TVs that are frequently encountered in real life.

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Blockchain Security ResearchWe research a safer blockchain environment through static/dynamic analysis of blockchain and dApp smart contract code/service logic.

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Customized TrainingBy composing a training curriculum tailored to the customer, we give the know-how of Offensive Security technology such as Windows Bug Hunting/IoT security testing methodology.

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Penetration TestWe verifies the safety of the security system built by the customer from the point of view of an actual attacker. We use the latest attack techniques from email phishing attacks to stealing inside information.

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Information Security Solution DevelopmentWe are developing information security solutions based on offensive security. You can meet the new cyber security from the traditional defense point of view to the attack point of view.

How We Work


About Us

Best Offensive Security Researchers

The best security researchers who have worked for more than 10 years in information security field are with us, reporting numerous security vulnerabilities and winning prizes in domestic and overseas Realworld Hacking Competitions and CTF competitions.

Flexible Culture

We create a way to immerse ourselves in work in a free atmosphere. We dream of a team that all members are happy.

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If you are interested in business cooperation or recruitment, please feel free to contact us. Send us a brief introduction to contact at and we will get back to you right away.